Polished Concrete - HTC Superfloor

Diamond Polished Concrete Flooring - HTC Superfloor

A HTC Superfloor™ will make you appreciate the advantages of having a polished concrete floor as an exposed surface and is ideal for industrial, commercial and retail environments.

irty, grey concrete floors are transformed into brilliant, easy-clean, environmentally-friendly and durable polished concrete floors. It simply requires some thought.

HTC Superfloor™ is a complete concept for polishing concrete. The polishing method mechanically refines the concrete surface by removing the top cement paste and exposing the underlying, stronger concrete. The existing concrete is grinded and polished according to a dependable and thoroughly tested method with HTC’s effective concrete polishing equipment and diamond tools. The result when polishing concrete is a floor with a completely even polished surface of a high quality, both functionally and esthetically.

Several factors will affect the final appearance when polishing concrete:

The stone quality and color.

The color of the cement (the cement can be pigmented).

The concrete quality.

Grinding depth: With different grit sizes and bonding matrix in the diamond segments you can somewhat control how deep you grind into the concrete surface. The grinding depth will affect how much of the stones that are exposed and also in turn the aesthetical appearance of the polished surface.

With our large fleet of HTC Grinding machines, we are one of Europe's largest concrete floor polishing contractors. Try us out for your next project.

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Floor At A Glance

  • Diamond Polishing Process
  • Suitable for Concrete, Terrazzo & Overlays
  • Existing or New Concrete Floors
  • 4 Grades of Grinding Available
  • stain Resistant Sealer Available
  • Also Available in Exposed Aggregate Finish
  • Transforms New and Existing Buildings


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