High Build Epoxy Floor Coatings

Solvent Free Medium to Heavy Duty Floor Coating

A medium to heavy duty coating system typically installed at 2 coats to achieve a build thickness of around 350 - 500 microns (0.35 - 0.5mm). The coloured high gloss coating is solvent free and is the ideal floor paint solution for most industrial and commercial applications.

Solvent free epoxy coatings allow floors areas to be coated in live environemnts without tainting food stuff and products and without disrupting operatives.

Anti-slip options are available with the system to provide varying degrees of slip resistance where required. The coating is suitable for factory and warehouse applications and provides a hygienic floor surface when cured.

Couped with our dust free diamond grinding surface preparation is ideal for all commercial and industrial applications where the best possible surface finish is required on a tight budget.

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Floor At A Glance

  • 0.35 - 0.5mm High Build Epoxy Floor
  • Solvent Free Floor Paint System
  • Industrial and Commercial Applications
  • Anti-Slip Grades for Slip Resistance
  • Ideal for Factory and Warehouse Installations
  • Fast Cure Grade Available for Minimal Disruption
  • Transforms New and Existing Floors


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