Fibre Reinforced Floor Levelling & renovation

Fibre Reinforced Levelling Screed 5 - 30mm

A fibre reinforced levelling screed ideal for renovation projetcs that require strength and reinforcement in the screed layer.

Typically installed at thickness of 6 - 10mm, it is ideal for base levelling prior to further screed toppings or other floor finishes.

It can be laid unbonded to building paper to create an unbonded screed suitable for further overlayment with commercial grade floor levelling screeds or for direct topping with carpet tiles and vinyl.


Floor At A Glance

  • 5 - 30mm Renovation Screed
  • High Strength Cement Based System
  • Fibre Reinforced
  • Can Be Laid Bonded or Unbonded
  • Can Be Topped With Commercial Leveller
  • Suitable For Office Renovation Works
  • Ideal Where Reinforced Levelling Is Required


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