Commercial Floor Levelling

Commercial Levelling Screeds 5 - 25mm

An commercial strength screed system capable of being installed from 5 to 25mm. For thickness over 25mm an economic base levelling system prior to wearing course topping is available.

Used as an economic commercial re-topping system or as a levelling screed prior to resin floor finishes, we can install this system by hand or by pump. For pump applications we can typically install between 1000 and 1500m2 of topping per day (thickness dependant).

Floors can be installed to tolerance up to SR1 laser levelled on a pin level grid system for precision for applications such as racked retail.

For applications that do not require a resin finish such as back of house applications, we have an economic water based clear sealer which improves the ease of cleaning.

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Floor At A Glance

  • 5 - 25mm Levelling Screed
  • High Strength Cement Based System
  • Commercial Applications
  • Can be Overcoated with Resin Finishes
  • Base Levelling System over 25mm thick
  • Available with Economic Clear Seal
  • Ideal for Floor Renovation or Upgrade


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